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Immigration and Relocation to Cyprus

One of the most difficult decisions you face in business as a family man is that of relocation to a foreign country. While the reason for relocation is of extraneous consideration, the new environs are the foremost factors that will influence your decision. As a single person, or even the head of a family, you can rough it out till a suitable avenue presents itself.

As a married man, with school going children, things are very different. They are the first priorities in your life. Does your wife work and will she get a job once relocated? Will there be a school good enough for your children and in which city? Where will you stay, so that all of you are equidistant from your places of work and/or school? Will you be carrying out a preliminary recce so that part of your life is settled once you arrive at your new home? Will you buy a house or take one on rent? 

Then comes the difficult part, where money is involved. Do you aim to start a new company? What kind of turnover are you looking at? Will you need the services of the best available Lawyer to handle all documents related to the purchase of the property or registration of the company? Will that extend to drawing up investment contracts or any aspect of permanent residency in Cyprus or obtaining of EU passport? Or are you a whiz-kid financial banker transferring to another Bank or a financial adviser with a corpus large enough to invest in profitable concerns in Cyprus?

Irrespective of antecedents, you WILL need substantial assistance once you reach Cyprus. It’s no different from relocating to other countries, but Cyprus offers many benefits that other countries do not. Your best bet in Cyprus is the colossus of assistance, MACS marketing, at www.macsads.com/. MACS marketing is a well established and renowned company with vast experience in the field of relocation of foreign citizens of all nationalities.

We will be happy to help with all aspects of your family relocation. This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Finding suitable property for you and your family.
  • Finding suitable schooling for your children.
  • Opening a Bank account in Cyprus, as well as Andorra or the UK and transferring funds from these banks or other sources into your Cyprus account.
  • Finding suitable investments for you
  • Obtaining all necessary documents for receiving Temporary or Permanent Residence permit in Cyprus OR a Cyprus Passport itself, a gateway into the EU.

This last option is a carefully regulated channel, as it allows you unhampered access into any of the 28 countries in the EU. We will be happy to help you by explaining all processes of receiving legal documentation which could be obtainable in several ways. There are several methods available for you to choose from, depending on relevant documents requiring:

  • Purchase of property valued at € 300,000 and more.
  • Having a child in full time education in any private educational establishment in Cyprus.
  • Purchase of a business in Cyprus. This option includes a caveat that the company turnover will be in excess of € 250,000 a year.
  • Regular income from abroad via Bank transfer. The riders here are:
    • If you regularly receive € 10,000 a month or more, you are eligible for Permanent Residence in Cyprus.
    • If the amount is less than € 10,000 a month, you are eligible for only a Temporary Residence permit.

There are other methods also, like:

  • Buying a share of an extant company in Cyprus.
  • Donating a substantial amount towards the renovation or construction of a Church or Monastery in Cyprus.
  • Investing a substantial lump sum in a Government project.
  • Opening a business that provides jobs for local citizens.

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Permanent residence

  •     Obtain a Residence permit withing two months for you and your family
  •     All dependants under 18 and between 18-25 (for as long as they are college/university students) are eligible to obtain the permit along with parents.
  •     Once the permit is acquired, travel visa is no longer needed to travel around Europe.

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Why Cyprus

ADVANTAGES OF CYPRUS OVER OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES MACS Marketing is one of the modest agency which provides one stop shop for any clients. Macs will help you with all Legal documents for your relocation, Residency, Passports, Banking, Investment and finance. Macs will help you to find best available property on the market and even best schooling for your children. Whatever is your question-MACS got an answer.

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Ready to Immigrate to Cyprus?