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Yellow slip at the moment could be issued only to European people and their immediate family ( spouses and children under 18 years ). Requirements:

At least one person to have a job in Cyprus or sufficient funds from abroad to live on. 

Legal fees 1350 euros for each, plus out of pocket ( migration fees, medical insurance for the not working persons ).

Note: under the Law, an ex spouse of a European union person who has been married for at least 3 years ( of which at least one of it were staying in Cyprus), before the separation date or the initiate of divorce procedures, allowed to apply for a pink slip which is renewable every year, with all the rights of European people (i.e. he is allowed to work anywhere ), as long as he has a job and pays social insurance. 

Legal fees 1200 euros ( Our responsibility will involved until the issuing of the visa which takes approximately 4-6 months ) plus out of pocket expenses 

  • Bank Guarantee 855 euro 
  • Medical insurance 240 euro 
  • Migration fees 260 euro
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